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These outsourcing services are extremely useful for companies having headcount restrictions, project works, cover for staff on maternity/exam leaves or transitional staffing during major organizational changes such as mergers & acquisitions.

Individuals (candidates) can also have the flexibilities to work for a set period of time, gain experience and exposure without incurring substantial and ongoing salary and on costs on the companies (clients).

Contractual Placement is normally used for a defined period of time, usually at least 1-month. An employment contract will be drawn stating the general terms and conditions for employment such as duration, working hours and common flexi-benefits today such as - annual/medical leave, completion bonus, mobile allowances, etc that is necessary for an efficient assignment.
Temporary Staffing is usually used for short-term assignments, ranging from four hours to weeks or months. Employees are on our (agent) payroll hence it is cost-effective and the company has no employer’s liabilities.
Temporary to Permanent Conversion.

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