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Marine & Maritime Industry

Capitalising on its strategic location, sophisticated port facilities and shipyards, Singapore has developed into a premier International Maritime Centre (IMC) where ships hub and essential ancillary services in shipping, commerce and logistics flourish. The shipping management sector, covering shipping lines, ship chartering, ship management, ship agencies and shipbroking activities, is the largest employment sector in the maritime industry.

Riverchelles has since been recognized as the exclusive & dedicated recruitment firm providing Maritime Career opportunities, known for our widest range of shipping clientele base, job opportunities & candidate database locally & across Asia.

Job Specialisation

Maritime Transportation

  • Inbound & Outbound Operations
    Customer Service, Documentation & Permit Declaration, Stowage planning, Cargo Loading / Discharging, Vessel Operations, Terminal & Port Operations, Administration.

  • Transhipment Operations
    Space & Transhipment Coordination, 2nd Carrier Arrangement Documentation (Switch B/L, PSA Invoices).

  • Trade & Business Development
    Sales & Marketing, Market Analysis, Service Planning, Trade Route & Trade Slots Management.

  • Logistics & Equipment Control
    Container Movement, Fleet Management, Maintenance & Repair, On-Off Hire of Containers, Supply Planning.

  • Chartering & Brokerage
    Sourcing of ships, Contracts Negotiation (Charter-Hire), Service Planning, Voyage Calculations.



  • Ship Repair and Conversion
    Re-construction, Jumboisation, Voyage Repair, Conversion of tankers to FPSOs, etc

  • Shipbuilding
    Steel Vessels: Container Vessels, Product Tankers, Landing Ship Tanks, etc.
    Specialized Ships: Leisure Crafts, Cable Ships, Naval Ships, Patrol Crafts, etc.

  • Rigbuilding and Offshore Engineering
    Build, Repair,Upgrade and Conversion Works of: Jack-up Rigs, Semi-Submersibles, Drillships, Drilling Tenders, FPSOs, and Own-Designed Rigs.

  • Marine Services
    Ship Design and Consultancy, Marine Inspection and Surveying, Marine Equipment and Supplies, Corrosion Control

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